Print Design / Graphic Design

Print Design / Graphic Design

Print design or graphic design is creating an attractive design for printing purpose. A perfect print oriented graphic design can be done with the blend of creativity and knowledge in printing colors. As our team is passionately creative towards colors and designs, we at 05 IT Solutions are experts on creating graphic designs.

Generally, a print design project involves the creation of design items such as business card, service describing brochures, pamphlets, posters, banners, hording board, etc. We do all of those designs with proper branding based on the logo created by the team or provided by the customer. Thus, we support both a well-established organization as well as a new comer in terms of their graphic design need.

A business card, or a visiting card, is the basic identification of any business. The impact created through the business card will help the customers to remember us more easily. Thus, the business card plays an important role in converting a lead into a business. In terms of generating a lead the brochures, pamphlets, banners, hording boards play their role. Thus, we need to create more attractive and innovative display items and a business card which impacts the customers.

Apart from being print the graphic designs also needed for online establishments such as for a newsletter, welcome email, online advertisement, product or service display in websites, etc. We do all these graphic designing works with the care for web. The web oriented graphic designs are required more than print designs these days, due to increase in online marketing over classical direct marketing.

The print oriented graphic design and a web targeted graphic design are different in their purpose and requirements. A graphic design for print requires detailed picture more than optimization in file size whereas the web needs in reverse. Thus, both the work needs different responsibility and caring, don’t worry we are good at both.